About Luminary Coffee

After working in the specialty coffee industry in many roles for many cafes in different cities, we came together with the belief that exceptional coffee should inspire wonder and warmth. We’ve grown a little bit from our humble beginnings as a pop-up coffee cart in the lovely DaDe Art and Design Lab, but we’ve never lost sight of the fact that to us, amazing coffee cannot exist without amazing people.

Our team is a lovely bunch. Behind the apron, we are photographers, foodies, hikers, and musicians. There are science geeks, number geeks, and everything in between. Throw in a couple competitive speed-skaters and climbers and you’ve got the Monogram Team. But what brought us all together was a passion for taking care of our community and the diverse people that are a part of it.

Amazing coffee is just one small part of who we are. To us, coffee represents an incredible opportunity to positively change people’s lives, through meaningful connection and generous service. It’s about leaving things better each day- for our people, our relationships and our environment. And, if we can spark someone’s imagination around what coffee can be along the way, then we’ve done our jobs.

Let’s explore the wonderful world of coffee together!